About Us

Our Vision

We want to make doing the laundry easier and provide you with quality products to improve your laundry room. Clevacover's core range of waterproof clothesline covers is only the start.

Who Are We

Clevacover ambition is to provide customer with high quality laundry room solutions and improvements at affordable prices backed by great service.
Our customers and employees are the heart and soul of our business.
Our guiding principals are quality, function and innovation. We want you the enjoy a functional, easy to use and stylish laundry room and help every household reduce their environmental impact and save money by alleviating the need for clothes dryers.
Clevacover aim to provide quality, choices across all laundry accessories, from the laundry room to the clothesline. 

Our History

Clevaover's core waterproof clothesline cover range was developed from a need to find a solution to the problems associated with outdoor clotheslines that we all come across. 
So we created the Clevacover, a waterproof, UV stabilised, self supported clothesline cover that solved our common problems, from rain wetting clothing on the line, damage caused by the harsh sun, fallout from birds, bats and the atmosphere and helping families save money by eliminating the need to operate expensive dryers or replace ruined items of clothing and linen. 
Now there is no need to rush home at the threat of an impending shower or stand in the harsh sun to hang out your valuable items.

Our Future

Now that Clevacover is a trusted quality brand in the laundry business we aim to expand our range giving you a greater choice of quality products and more solutions and styles to get your laundry room to function at its best and make your life a whole lot easier and a little more fun. The better your laundry room functions the more time you will have to spend doing the things you love with the people  you love. 
Saving money, saving time, helping to save the environment  – Clevacover waterproof clothesline covers - Frontline defence for your clothes.

For You 

Clevacover is building a Facebook cleaning tips community. 
The Clevacover Facebook page is a place to share your cleaning tips, from cleaning the bathroom to washing your little ones favourite toy. All cleaning is on topic. Share your ideas and help others improve how they clean and get some ideas for yourself. 
If you have a great idea or a photo of something you have done in your laundry room that has made your life a little easier than share your idea with the community. 

Yours in laundering,
The Clevacover team.