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Probably needs to be 100mm wider to suit the clothes line and less eyelit’s to stop water going through

Not what I thought

It doesn't fit like explained.


Bit oversized for our 59 cm deep clothesline, but very good at keeping rain from falling on drying clothes.

Awesome product!

Before we knew this product, we were going to build an awning over our clothesline. I did some research, then came across this product. It was exactly what we were looking for. It works perfectly on our clothesline keeping things sheltered from the rain and bird dropings. Highly recommended


I love my new clothesline cover. This is my second one in about 10 years. The only reason I have to replace the first one was because of one of the extreme wind storms damaged it.


Shipping and delivery was awesome. Quality is ok, but don't feel that the price reflects this. Was very very disappointed as my clothesline has the side facing into the rain and all the clothes at the side will get wet, so that is pointless. The rail that goes across the top is held in place by two screws to the side of the clothesline and if you pull the back cover too hard, it falls over.
Very easy to put together though and only needs one person.

Replacement fold down cover only.

A little larger than my previous one, but will do the job adequately.

Super fast Delivery!


Cleva idea

I do like the product but $$$ when you realise its just a heavy tarp, some velcro and a steel rod. Wish it came in more modern colours, the cream (yellow) is a bit dated. But otherwise it serves purpose and a product I desperately needed.

Excellent Product

Finally lashed out and bought this proper cover, so much better than other similar items available and much better quality.
Easy to assemble and erect and does a marvelous job.
Really strong, high winds and rain yesterday , barely moved and washing remained dry while we were at work.
Wholeheartedly reccomended

We are very pleased with the cover. It didn't take us long to put on. Thanks Esther

Love love love my clevacover

Wow what difference this has made
Clothes aren’t hard from being dried out towels are soft and I don’t use fabric softener this has been a life saver especially

Love it

Industrial strength umbrella god my clothesline - didn’t have to pull washing off every time there has been rain - saves so much time

Great to be able to hang my washing out for the day and not worry if it rains!

It did the trick

I had a very small line but made it work by hanging the excess fabric down the back snd secured it to the poles either side .
It now doubles as roof over my new balcony setting to keep it dry over winter

I love it

Love my new cover!

My new cover was a replacement for my tired and worn out old one. I wouldn’t have a line without a Clevercover. The things I love the most about it are that it keeps the sun off our clothes to stop fading, keeps me from getting burnt while I’m hanging them out and when it starts to rain it gives me time to get the clothes off before they get too wet. Thank you Clevercover for such a great product.

The cover is not wide enough for a 1800 line

This is our 2nd cover and just love them. Noticed there have been a couple of adjustments made. Fits my line just perfectly.

We have stored our recent purchase as the current cover has, I believe a couple more months of usage before we fit the new one. Very happy with the service we received from our phone order.

Close line cover

Just the right thing for the job thanks

2.1m - 2.4m Fold Down Clothesline Cover and Kit

Love my Clevacover

I bought my Clevacover late last year. I absolutely love it and can not praise the structure more. We have had hail, rain, thunderstorms and wind and it has been brilliant. On those very hot days, it makes sure I don't fry to a crisp hanging out the washing in the hot Brisbane sun. Thank you.

Terrific product, does the job beautifully

This is our second Kleva Cover and we wouldn’t be without one. It protects the washing on rainy days, from UV sun bleaching, bird and bat droppings. It is both tough and resistant to tearing. Ours never has, despite recent very strong winds.

Very good product & service

This was a replacement for my original Clevacover which lasted 8 years.
Very quick & efficient service