Clothesline Covers


  • No fading from the sun or rewetting from the rain
  • Save on your power bill by limiting dryer use


The CLEVACOVER is a weatherproof clothesline cover with a unique "A- frame" design, which attaches to almost any rectangular clothesline assembly. The clothesline cover, which is manufactured from high quality materials, is easily fitted to new or existing clotheslines without the use of tools. The CLEVACOVER fits a wide range of clotheslines using the adjustable attachment straps and a variable width support frame. Access to clotheslines is uninhibited, with the unique design aiding the drying process through increased convection.

What does it do for the customer?

The CLEVACOVER solves the two most annoying problems related to the use of outdoor clotheslines, namely

  • Damage from the harsh sun Clothes being rewet by the rain

The elements no longer dictate when clothes need to be removed from the line. Considering the substantial cost of clothing and linen hung on clotheslines, the CLEVACOVER will pay for itself many times over by preventing the most detrimental deterioration of the garments such as;

  • Colour fading from the sun
  • Colour dilution from the rain
  • Fibre deterioration from sun and rain
  • Savings through reduced use of the clothes dryer
  • Airborne contaminants including
  • Bird and bat droppings
  • Foliage fallout

The CLEVACOVER is UV stabilised and weatherproof.

No longer does the homeowner need to worry about the threat of impending showers. An added bonus is the protection from the elements given to the clothesline user. Consideration of these benefits will convince consumers THEY NEED A CLEVACOVER!

There is no other product like CLEVACOVER on the market. Also available ROTARY CLEVACOVER.

Rotary clothesline cover

Our rotary clothesline cover is revolutionary.

We have air vents at the top of the cover and another set at mid way between the top vent and bottom edge. This allows air to escape which helps prevent strain on the clothesline caused by increased wind speed. The cover is put together on the ground then lifted up and placed over the clothesline (a two person job) with attachment points in five places to secure it. Fibreglass rods inserted through tab eyelets going from one side of the clothesline to the other on the diagonal at all four corners create a sturdy and ridged support which allows the user to have all lines available on the clothesline for hanging washing.

You no longer have the worry of sun fading clothes, rain re-wetting clothes and also washing the colour out, bird/bats pooing on your clean laundry and also protecting you. The temperature difference is amazing under the cover so hanging washing out wont be as much of a chore as it normally is. The cover also allows you the luxury of bringing in the washing when you want - not when nature dictates because your laundry will still be clean and dry even if it is raining.