Customer Testimonials

"Thank you so much for sending the instructions! I guess it's really common sense when you think about it!
We were right with what we had done and the cover has withstood some wind these past couple of days"

- Anne

"We live on sunny Magnetic Island and got all ready for cyclone Ita. I woke in morning and realised I had forgotten to take my Clevacover off the clothes line, no worries the velcro top opened up in the 100km plus winds and was one of the only things left standing in the back yard"

- Gary

"What a great invention and find will never be without one from now on brilliant just brilliant"

- Lisa M

"Thankyou Clevacover best invention for a busy mother ... just love my rotary cover. Thankyou again"

- Melissa

"I can't live without a Clevacover. Have had my first one for approx. 7 years
I am about to replace it and I can't wait as the harsh sun is about to happen."

- Elaine

"I purchased my Clevacover years ago and it has been the best purchase I have ever made.I cannot imagine myself without it."

- Maureen

"best invention for the rotary clothes line"

- Doreen Joyce

"I love my cover and can use the washing line pretty much every day of the year! love it!"


"I live in Melbourne, enough said :-) I can go to work and know my washing will be dry when I get home, honestly the best purchase I've made since I can remember"

- Amiee

"My husband brought me one for my birthday a few months back, I didnt even know they existed or I would have had one years ago, great product thanks, I highly recommend them"

- Rhonda

"Very Cleva. I love mine"

- April

"I am a single father and primary carer for my 3 children, its made my life a lot easier. Great invention"

- John

"Amazing! I live in northern QLD, its a hot place but I love it here, I use to have to wear long sleeves, hat and sunnie to hang out the washing and have always though about getting gloves to cover my hands, I can now walk out to my washing line anytime of day and hang out the washing without getting sunburt."

- Darleen

"Great product, very functional, I also love how tidy it makes my yard look"

- Barb